How It All Began...


The story:

While traveling home from a trip to Napa Valley, our Co-Founder, Brian Sutherlin Jr. saw a team of movers in San Francisco moving these weird green boxes up and down the stairs of a home and marveled at how efficient it made the move look. After returning home to Atlanta, he looked up the name of the company that was on the side of the van and found out what those boxes were, then quickly realized similar services were actually right here in Georgia, but to his surprise, they weren't being marketed as a local service to be utilized for residential moves but geared more towards big commercial moves. Being the son of a lifetime entrepreneur, he bought some green plastic boxes with his savings and proceeded to see what he could make happen. The results were astounding and brought him the realization that he’d need way more help than he anticipated, so he pitched the only person he knew with an unbelievable knowledge base of the ins & outs of local service companies, his father. After sharing his initial market test the two decided that this was something that could be done way better than was currently being offered, so they joined forces to create Green-Go-Box.


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Brian Sutherlin Sr., Co-Founder

30+ years as an entrepreneur providing local services to residents and corporations throughout Georgia by solving their problems. Having provided thousands of residential and commercial clients with services through his Pressure Washing company (Sutherlin’s Pressure Washing), Carpet Cleaning Company (Sutherlin’s Carpet Care) , and Plumbing Company (Just Plumbing), Brian Sr. has a deep desire to bring valuable local services to residents of this great state of Georgia. Green-Go-Box is one that fits the bill by offering an economical, convenient, and eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.


Brian Sutherlin Jr., Co-Founder/Entrepreneur in training

Has a background in sales & business development. Is certain that Georgia residents will be happy to use Green-Go-Box’s reusable boxes which are conveniently delivered to their door instead of wasting time, money, and the Earth’s resources that make up cardboard.