What is Green Go Box?

We provide of ready to pack, stack-able, waterproof boxes that are designed to maximize storage space and minimize the time spent packing. Green Go Box is here to make your moving experience as simple as possible by conveniently delivering our eco-friendly moving boxes to your home or business at the scheduled time before your moving date. Green Go Boxes allow movers to load and unload faster, therefore reducing the hourly cost associated with your move. Once you're done moving, we come pick the boxes up at the from your new address at the scheduled pickup time. After the boxes are back at our facility, they're inspected, cleaned, sanitized until they meet the next happy customer. 

How long can I rent Green Go Boxes?

Green Go Box packages start at TWO (2) week time blocks (Fourteen (14) calendar days from your delivery date). Each additional week will incur an additional cost based on the chosen package (please refer to our pricing pages for details)

How am I charged?

Once you book your Green-Go-Box delivery, we will authorize (not a charge) your CC for your order. On the day of your delivery, the full amount will be charged. 

How many Green Go Boxes do I need?

Please refer to our Pricing tab for residential packages. For commercial moves, please refer to our Commercial tab. You can add additional equipment at checkout if you're between packages. 

Do you move the boxes once packed?

No. However, we do partner with a few local moving companies that we can recommend. 

Are Green Go Moving Boxes really cheaper than traditional moving boxes?

Absolutely. Why? Because moving is a very cost intensive process, and one HUGE reason is the cost associated with purchasing cardboard boxes and their supplemental products. Cardboard moving boxes require packing tape (an additional cost) to secure & assemble (assembling that takes up your valuable time), they collapse, especially when wet, which will cause you to have to go and repurchase new cardboard moving boxes (that's TIME and GAS wasted).

What size are Green Go Boxes?

Green Go Box dimensions are: 27 inches long by 17 inches wide by 12 inches high

What are your hours of operations/delivery & pick-up?

Monday - Sunday 8am - 6pm. That said, if you have limited availability during those hours, please reach out to us prior to placing your order and we'll do our best to make something work. 

Do I have to be home for delivery & pick-up?

You must be present for delivery & pick-up. Upon delivery we need you to sign the rental agreement. During collection you'll need to be present in order to sign the release form after your order is counted and inspected.

Can I buy Green Go Boxes and/or Green Go Wheels?

Yes. Since our boxes are reusable, our customers often want to keep a few, so when your driver arrives to pick-up your order simply let him/her know how many you'd like to keep and they can process the order on the spot. Same with our Green Go Wheels

Are there delivery & pick-up fees?

There are only delivery & pick-up fees for orders that are located outside of our 30 mile service area. Once you book, a representative will contact you if your order is subject to a delivery or pick up fee.

Are Green Go Boxes Clean?

Yes. Very. We clean and sanitize each box after each and every use. Conversely, cardboard moving boxes have the ability to retain moisture, absorb dirt, and become a breeding ground for bacteria, all of this creating a perfect resting place for bedbugs. 

What's your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel. Cancellations that are placed:

(A). Four days or more in advance of the scheduled delivery date are charged $20.00

(B). Three days prior costs $60.00

(C). The day before or same day cancellations are 50% cost of the order. This fee is due to all the internal labor costs and logistical costs incurred to prep and load your order for delivery.